Getting Started with Guesty Open API

This page will help you get started with Guesty Open API.


Guesty’s Open API provides a flexible way to integrate your own solutions with the Guesty Dashboard.

Our documentation for Guesty Open API consists of two main sections: Guides and API Reference. This introduction page will help you understand our documentation and will guide you towards developing and implementing your solution.


The Guides section covers all aspects of how developers should use our API. You can search all the developer docs for keywords or phrases. Use cmd-F / ctrl-F to search for content on the current page or cmd-K / ctrl-K to search through all the developer docs.

API Reference

The API Reference section allows you to make your requests directly through the developer docs. All available endpoints are described in the API Reference section. This section also contains very relevant information, such as the error manual, response codes, and valid enumerations.

See this guide to learn how to use the API Reference.

Run in Postman

To quickly get started with Guesty's OpenAPI, you can use the Guesty OpenAPI Collection Workspace on Postman. The collection includes all OpenAPI endpoints. Learn more in our Postman Guide.

Run In Postman

We are Here to Help

If you have any questions about the Guesty Open API, always feel free to contact us.