Webhooks: Calendar

Webhook notifications for calendar activity.

Guesty's Open API allows you to send various calendar-related webhook notifications to your application's notification URL(s).

What Notifications Can I Receive?

Calendar notifications are sent by Guesty when there are calendar-related events such as:

  • Changes in availability of dates, be it a reservation or a type of calendar block.
  • Updates to nightly rates.
  • Alteration to the minimum stay requirement.

Why Create a Calendar Webhook?

Once your Guesty Open API integration is complete and finished with its initial synchronization of data, we recommend you to utilize the calendar webhook notification. Webhook notifications will help you save time and resources. Plus, you get to only synchronize the calendar data that has changed and ignore that which has remained in the same state since the initial synchronization.

Calendar Updated Notification

This webhook notification is sent whenever a change is made to availability, pricing or minimum nights or booking request is created or imported from the booking channel within your Guesty account. Learn how to create this webhook here.

Notification Payload

Body ParameterData TypeDescription
accountIdobjectThe unique ID of your Guesty account.
calendar[object]List of objects describing the changes made to the calendar.

Calendar Updated Notification Payload Example

               "rule":"repeated days (tuesday)",
               "rule":"2 days 18%",


Multi-Unit Availability

To properly ascertain the availability of a multi-unit upon the receipt of this webhook for changes to a sub-unit, you are encouraged to send a request to retrieve the calendar information for the same dates on the multi-unit itself.