Building a Direct Booking Website Using Guesty API

Guesty’s Legacy API has provided a way to integrate your own solutions with the Guesty Dashboard so far.

Our new products - Guesty Open API and Guesty Booking Engine API (BE-API) - provide better, more flexible ways to build your solutions.

For those who want to build their own website, we recommend our Booking Engine API. BE-API is specially designed and tailored for your needs on your direct booking website. It offers higher rate limits, extended control over your listings & settings, and dedicated API documentation with a sole focus on creating direct booking websites.

Let's take a deeper look at each of these advantages of our BE-API.

Higher Rate Limits

We know that your requests might hit the rate limit from time to time. That is why BE-API offers higher rate limits for your direct booking solution.

See the table below for comparison.

Time FrameOpen API LimitBE-API Limit
one second15 requests15 requests
one minute120 requests500 requests
one hour5000 requests10.000 requests

Extended Control Over Your Listings & Settings

The Booking Engine API provides you with a handpicked set of API endpoints that you can use to interact with data from the Guesty platform.

Using this API, you'll be able to create a customized booking engine for Guesty clients which includes:

  • Receive information about offered rooms and products for selected properties.
  • Use advanced filters.
  • Check the real-time availability of selected properties.
  • Get a current price quote for an offer you're interested in.
  • Use coupon codes to promote your brand and offer exclusive deals.
  • Create new reservations.
  • Get reservation statuses and updates.

Dedicated Documentation

Alongside the handpicked set of endpoints, Booking Engine API also has dedicated documentation, specifically created and maintained for direct booking flows.

You can find guides, best practice articles, and a shiny-bright API Explorer in our documentation including the ability to test the endpoints.

Click here to get started with the Booking Engine API.