Overview of the Webhook notifications provided by Guesty.

Guesty's Open API allows you to send various webhook notifications to your application's notification URL(s).

Webhook flow diagram

Understanding Webhooks

A webhook is a mechanism that allows an app to send real-time data to other apps. A webhook sends data to other applications in real-time, so you get it immediately. This structure makes webhooks way more efficient than the traditional way of requesting data from an API endpoint for some use cases.

Understanding and consuming webhooks is essential in getting the best out of Guesty's Open API.

Why Create Webhooks?

Once your Guesty Open API integration is complete and finished with its initial synchronization of data, we recommend you utilize webhook notifications to keep up-to-date. Webhook notifications will help you save time and resources, and, in addition, you get to only synchronize the data that has changed and ignore that which has remained in the same state since the initial synchronization.

For instance, you can create a webhook for new reservations and you can get notified each time a new reservation is created. Aside from new reservation notifications, our Open API offers a broad variety of webhook events.

Table of Supported Webhooks

The following table summarizes the Webhooks that Guesty makes available to you with links to more detailed guides for each type.

Webhook DomainWebhook Event
Reservation Webhooksreservation.new
Message Webhooksreservation.messageReceived
Reservation Payment Webhookpayments.failed
Listing Webhookslisting.new
Calendar Webhookslisting.calendar.updated
Task Webhookstask.created
Guest Webhooksguest.created


What is considered an error on the part of the recipient endpoint?

The nature of a webhook is that it doesn't wait for a reply from the recipient. If the recipient is unresponsive, the delivery will fail.

How many delivery attempts does Guesty make when the recipient is unresponsive?

When the recipient is unresponsive, Guesty will perform up to two delivery attempts within the space of one hour. If the recipient remains unresponsive, the delivery will fail.

How long after an event will I receive the webhook?

Webhooks can be received from a few seconds to 30 minutes after the event has taken place on your Guesty account. If you're encountering delays in excess of half an hour, please contact support

Why am I receiving two webhooks for the same reservation update?

To ensure all reservation changes are captured after the event, two webhooks are generated. They differ in content, and we recommend you analyze their schema and content to map with your systems.

Why am I receiving webhooks for old Airbnb messages?

When a property is imported from Airbnb or linked with an existing Airbnb listing, Guesty will import past, current, and future reservations and their related conversation threads. Since these conversations are new to Guesty, they will trigger the reservations.messageReceived webhook. Learn how Guesty syncs with the booking channels here.