Reservation Alterations

Common alterations performed on current and future reservations.


Guesty provides you with the ability to alter reservations via the Reservations API. Webhook notifications are also sent to your application's notification URL whenever there is an update to a reservation.

Available Endpoints


Reservation Alteration Scenarios

As circumstances shift, it's crucial for property managers and hosts to be adaptable and make adjustments accordingly. The following alterations can be performed on confirmed reservations. Click on the links to access their guides.


Booking Channel Reservation Alterations

Booking channel reservations should always be altered on the channel of origin, except where the change on Guesty synchronizes with the channel. Amendments made to current or future reservations on Guesty, will be overwritten by updates from the booking channel. If you must make changes, record them 3-7 days after checkout, or when the booking and its payments have run their course.