Postman Guide

Use Postman to explore Guesty's OpenAPI. You will need an active Guesty account to send requests and receive responses.

You can test APIs right away by forking Guesty's Postman collection. Ensure you've created an OAuth Application in your Guesty account with the keys to authenticate your requests.

1. Fork the Guest OpenAPI Postman Collection

  1. Sign up or log in to an account on

  2. Select the following Run in Postman button:

    Run In Postman

  3. Select Fork Collection.

  4. Name your fork and select a workspace.

2. Generate an Authentication Token

Follow our authentication guide for Postman to learn how to generate an access token using the keys you saved when creating your OAuth Application. You must read our authentication guide to understand how to manage your access correctly.

3. Make API Calls with Postman

These examples use the Listings API to create and update a listing on your Guesty account.

Create a Listing

To create a listing:

  1. In your Postman workspace, navigate to your fork of the Guesty OpenAPI collection.
  2. Select Listings > Create a listing.
  3. In the Body tab, fill in the values to configure and describe the listing.
  4. Select Send. The API returns an HTTP 201 OK response code on a successful call.

Update a Listing

Edit a variety of listing fields as follows:

  1. Find the _id in the response of the listing you created, copy the value.
  2. Select your fork of the Guesty OpenAPI collection.
  3. In the Variables tab, enter the value you copied in the id field.
  4. Select Listings > {id} > Update a listing.
  5. In the Body tab, fill in the relevant body parameter values and discard any unnecessary ones.
  6. Select Send. A successful call returns an HTTP 201 OK response code.