Booking Flow

Guide to booking workflows with the Open API.


Read First

If you're embarking on building a new booking website or application or wish to upgrade your current integration to align with Guesty's best practices and latest updates, you should utilize Guesty's Booking Engine API and follow our guide to building an effective booking flow. The next sections are intended for integrations built on the Open API's (OAPI) first-generation booking flow only.

How to Build an Effective Booking Flow

OAPI Booking Flow

The OAPI Booking Flow

There are two primary parts to the booking flow:

  1. Querying available listings, and
  2. Creating the reservation

Querying Available Listings

The first part of the journey is where the guest inputs their stay requirements and queries available listings. They can then compare and evaluate the results.

You can either provide a list of properties using Retrieve all listings or provide a list of available properties only.

The listings endpoint will return a list of properties with the price of the lowest available room, a unique ID, photos, and descriptive data such as location, address, description, and amenities list.

Creating the Reservation

This process can be broken into two:

  1. Collect the guest details and payment method.
  2. Create the reservation.



When manipulating reservations created with BEAPI or via the Open API reservations endpoints, please allow up to 60 seconds between requests to allow each to complete and achieve the expected outcome.