Webhooks: Failed Payments

Webhook notifications for failed payments.

Failed Payment Notification

This webhook notification is sent when a reservation payment processing attempt fails. Learn how to create this webhook here.

Notification Payload

Body ParameterData TypeDescription
paymentobjectContains the unique object IDs relevant to the failed payment.
-- reservationIdstringThe unique ID of the affected reservation.
-- paymentIdstringThe unique ID of the failed payment attempt.
-- accountIdstringThe unique ID of your Guesty account.

Failed Payment Notification Example

    "payment": {
        "reservationId": "5b2148eb96a668002a748b21",
        "paymentId": "6298a413c8534c003502da6f",
        "accountId": "5213a2d206112710005d96ff"
    "event": "payments.failed"