Fields/Columns for Guest Reports

Describes the guest columns or fields that can be returned in reports.


The Get guest by id document uses the term fields, whereas the Get guests list document uses columns. Both refer to the same parameters that make up the guest object. However, be sure to write the parameter name as described in each document.

List of Columns

This table provides a comprehensive list of Guest object parameters that are retrievable via the API. It also includes enumerations where applicable.

ColumnTypeDescriptionIncluded in the single guest request?Included in the retrieve all guests request?
idstringThe object ID and primary identifier.yesyes
dateCreatedstringThe date the guest was created on the account in ISO 8601 format.nono
firstNamestringThe guest's first name.yesyes
lastNamestringThe guest's surname.yesyes
fullNamestringThe guest's first and last name.yesyes
tags[string]Array for any custom tags applied to the guest.yesyes
notesstringAn important note for your team.yesyes
goodToKnowNotesstringA note with non-essential information.yesyes
guestEmailstringThe guest's primary email.noyes
guestOtherEmails[string]The guest's secondary emails.noyes
guestPhonestringThe guest's primary phone number.noyes
guestOtherPhones[string]An array of the guest's secondary phone numbers.noyes
guestHometownstringThe town or city where the guest lives.noyes
allergies[string]An array of common allergies. It can include any of these values: milk, cat, wheat, egg, peanut, feather, detergent, soy, treenut, shellfish, fish, sesame, honey, corn, meat, gelatin, seed, spice, fruit, vegetable.yesyes
interests[string]An array of interests. It can contain any of the following: music, nature, sightseeing, hiking, tennis, concerts, eatingOut, art, fitness, diving, surfing, skiyesyes
dietaryPreferences[string]An array of dietary needs. It can contain any of the following: glutenFree, kosher, vegan, lactoseFree, vegetarian, diabetic, halalyesyes
preferredLanguagestringSet the guest's preferred language using the language's two letter ISO 639-1 codeyesyes
birthdaystringThe guest's date of birth in ISO 8601 format.yesyes
genderstringIt can be any of these options: female, male, or other.yesyes
pronounsstringIt can be any of one of these options: she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/their, or xe/xem/xyr.yesyes
maritalStatusstringChoose from any of the following: single, married, widowed, separated, divorced.yesyes
kidsnumberThe number of children the guest has.yesyes
passportNumberstringThe guest's passport number.yesyes
identityNumberstringThe guest's national ID number.yesyes
nationalitystringAssign the country using its ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country code.yesyes
Reservation Metadata[object]Contains information on a guest's stays. It is an array of objects.noyes
numberOfReservationsnumberThe total number of reservations and inquiries the guest has requested over time.nono
numberOfConfirmedReservationsnumberThe total number of confirmed reservations the guest has booked over time.nono
lastCheckOutstringThe check-out date of the most recent stay of the guest in ISO 8601 format.nono
returningGuestbooleanShows true if the guest has previous stays recorded and false if it's their first booking.yesyes
averageReviewnumberAggregated review metric from Airbnb and bookings.nono
lastCommunicationDatestringThe date of the last message between the PM/Host and guest in ISO 8601 format.noyes
addressobjectThe guest's full street address.yesyes
marketingConsentbooleantrue when the guest agrees to receive marketing materials from the PM/Host or false when they choose not to.noyes
marketingConsentDatestringThe date the guest consented to receive marketing material in ISO 8601 format.noyes
pictureobjectA link to the guest's picture in different sizes.nono