Breaking Changes

As the Guesty product evolves, APIs are periodically reorganized or upgraded. When APIs evolve, the old API endpoints might be deprecated and eventually removed. Among these updates, the ones that impact the backward compatibility of an API are considered breaking changes.

This page contains the breaking changes you need to know when migrating from our legacy platform API to our newer and more stable Open API.

List of Changes:

Search Endpoint Deprecated

The Search endpoint below will no longer be served in Guesty Open API.

Search for everything
GET /search



Instead of the Search endpoint, you can use the relevant dedicated endpoint with specific fields and filters to retrieve the data required.

For instance; you can use GET /reservations endpoint for reservations, GET /listings endpoint for listings, and so on. Please see our API reference for the list of available endpoints.

Listing's Calendar Endpoints Deprecated

The Listing's Calendar endpoints below will no longer be served in Guesty Open API.

Retrieving a single calendar
GET /listings/:id/calendar

Retrieving multiple calendars
GET /listings/calendars

Update calendars
PUT /listings/calendars



Instead of Listing's Calendar endpoints, you can use the Calendar endpoints.