How to Use The API Reference

Use the API Reference to generate requests and responses.

Guesty’s Open API provides a flexible way to integrate your own solutions with the Guesty Dashboard.

This API Reference is a tool for generating customized code and testing requests. It is also a comprehensive reference manual for your journey into Guesty's Open API.

Below, you can find detailed information on how to use our API Reference.

Preparing Requests

Step by step:

  1. From the sidebar on the left, locate the API you want to explore.
  2. From the right column, enter your OAuth token.
  3. From the right column, select your programming language.
  4. For each parameter, enter a value for that parameter.

The code will change dynamically as you enter information. After all the required parameters are filled in, you will be ready to send your request.

Sending Requests

Step by step:

  1. Make sure that you have entered all required parameters.
  2. From the right column, click Try It!.

Your request will be processed and a response will be returned.

Understanding Responses

You can see the response to your request at the bottom of the right column.

The response may appear collapsed to save space. If so, click any ... that appears within the response to expand that section.

Please also feel free to take a look at the Response Codes and our Error Manual to extend your grasp on Guesty's Open API.