Guesty Open API Updates | October 2022 | Issue 2

We’re continuously enhancing our Open API capabilities to seamlessly and securely extend the reach of the Guesty platform across your internal activities. These are the latest significant Open API developments you can now benefit from:

1. New Additional Fee Settings via API

Easily track your invoices and provide transparency to your guests by defining your Additional Fee Settings via our new API.

2. New Tax Settings API

Define more comprehensive Tax Settings and Tax Conditions while ensuring a stable and clear environment, all via unique API endpoints.

3. New API for Detailed Guest Data Collection

Know your guests better and offer them extraordinary, personalized guest experiences, using a new detailed API, including rich guest data fields.

4. New API for Retrieving a Filtered Tasks List

Retrieve any specific set of tasks to support your operations via our upgraded API with enhanced filtering support.

5. New Accounting APIs (only available for Accounting Add-On users)

Ensure financial accuracy by accessing new APIs for Accounting Journal entries and folio balances.


  • To enjoy all these new fields and capabilities, remember to switch to the upgraded API before October 31 2022.
  • If you haven’t migrated to the Open Authorization 2.0, please make sure you complete the upgrade process and tests before October 31 2022. Learn more about the new Authentication flow here.
  • To ensure success and stability of your API calls please allocate time and development resources to complete upgrade processes before the effective dates. After these dates, Guesty will fade out the existing versions and you might experience failed API calls.