Financials API Developments | January 2023

These are the latest Financial endpoint developments you can now benefit from:

Add a Reservation Reference to the Payment Method


  • /business-models-api/light-business-models
  • /business-models-api/assignment/{businessModelId}
  • /guests/{id}/payment-methods

Easily track which guest payment method was used for a reservation by adding the reservation ID to the guest's payment method. This field is optional for now, but will become a requirement from April.

Channel Commissions


  • /channel-commission/account
  • /channel-commission/listings

You can now define booking channel commissions and taxes on these commissions via our Open API. Specifically, you can update the commissions on an account and listing level. Likewise you can retrieve them too.

To view a list of booking channels and their supported configurations, see this table of enumerators.

Business Models


Our accounting customers can now view their business models via the Open API and assign listings to them.